Ellis Moving & Storage

14th Annual Squamish Triathlon Race

It was a busy morning for the Ellis Movers volunteer team at the 14th Annual Squamish Triathlon. Our job hasn’t changed since the first year we started volunteering for the triathlon race. We loaded the racing gears and the bicycles of the athletes onto our moving trucks at the Don Ross Secondary, which is the race center, then drove and offloaded at Alice Lake, where the race starts.

Once the athletes transitioned from swimming to cycling, we helped to carry the swimming gears of the triathletes back to Don Ross. We were also part of the race support team preparing food and attending the refreshment stations.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the event. It turned out to be a nice day and we saw some very impressive athletic performances. Congratulations to all the participants! We hope that it was an enjoyable and memorable day for everyone.

We are very proud that as Golden Sponsor, we have contributed to the success of the race every year, since its inception in 1988. It has been a great event for our Squamish community.