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How is a Cross-Province Move Different Than a Cross-Country Move?

Local moves require a ton of planning and care. From packing up households to transporting delicate goods, there is a lot on the line whether you are moving across town or down the street. As complex as local moves might be, cross-province moves are even worse. A long distance move can mean heading to the province next door, or travelling clear across the country, but each come with their own quirks.

The experience of moving from British Columbia to Alberta will have distinct differences from moving from coast to coast, or clear across North America. Instead of struggling to understand these differences, or managing the fallout from an inexperienced move, trust a professional to get you where you need to be.

Enlisting Professional Moving Services: Near & Far

Anyone can pack a box or load a vehicle but the ability to safely transport items comes with years of experience. Simply renting a vehicle from a fleet of van lines is easy but it takes more than a truck rental and to get great results.

Inter-Province Moves: There are many variables when managing cross-province moves, the more obvious of these is: how far are you going? Distance plays a huge role in overall moving budget. Choosing professional cross-province movers means that they are already familiar with routes and roadways, meaning a smoother and more efficient ride. In these scenarios, clients can expect a more accurate estimated time frame, which can help to plan and organize getting started in your new home.

Cross-Country Moves: When moving across the country, it is difficult to gauge the time needed, the miles necessary and the costs involved. Something as simple as a snow fall or heavy rain can delay your travel, which means a delay in set-up or time off of work. It costs money to rent a truck but it costs even more to drive it from coast to coast, which makes professional cross country movers such an appealing option.

Temporary Moves: There are plenty of reasons that someone might be called away for long periods, and this can mean giving up your current living space. From a semester abroad, a temporary work placement, or a prolonged vacation, it is important to manage your current living space. In a situation where you can’t take all of your belongings with you, or you are hoping to rent out your space, it can be difficult to find a place for it all. By offering storage solutions, our experienced team can pack and store your belongings until you are ready to come back!

Choosing Ellis: Your Long Distance Movers

On paper, the cost of moving on your own can seem much more accessible than hiring a professional but you should always expect more than baseline costs. From packing materials, to hotel stay-overs and fuel – the cost of DIY moves can quickly begin to pile up, and that is not including insurance!

Taking on professional movers means access to a wide range of services. Whether you are hoping to cross borders, cross regions or cross into a new province, the experts at Ellis Moving have got you covered. Full service movers provide timely delivery, additional insurance for your goods and excellent customer service. Call today for your free moving estimate.