Ellis Moving & Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Which geographic locations do you serve as a local mover?

From our North Vancouver and Squamish locations, we offer moving services in our local territory including Vancouver, North and West VancouverBurnabyRichmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and Tri Cities in the Sea to Sky area and the on the Sunshine Coast through Earls’ Cove. We also serve other geographic locations, however normally we only accept moves if they originate or end in our local territory.

Do you offer door-to-door or door-to-port delivery as part of your international moving services?

We provide both door-to-door service or door-to-port international service depending on the destination country. We can usually accommodate international destination services on most of the busiest international routes. In some cases, we may recommend a local agent and mover who may be more suitable to handle your furniture given the intricacy of the local regulations and customs.

Which countries do Ellis international moving services operate?

We have moved hundreds of families across the globe and to several countries including: South America, Africa Europe to Middle-East Far-East and Australia. We deliver furniture and household items almost anywhere!

Are there any restrictions for what you can store?

Storage and moving rules are the same: no chemicals and perishables are permitted. We cannot take items that appear hazardous or contaminated.

How do you charge for your storage service?

Storage charges are based on cubic footage of your furniture and the number of days your belongings are kept in our facility.

What is the cost of using the green moving boxes?

Basically, there are two options for using the reusable boxes: you can either purchase them from us (either brand new or used) or you may “rent” them for the duration of your move. We offer all packing materials at an already discounted rate to customers that are moving with us. Instead of offering a partial refund when the boxes are returned to us we offer all our boxes upfront at a reduced rate in the hope that the boxes will be returned to us.

Do you offer environmentally friendly moving services?

Yes. We carry reusable moving boxes that can be either purchased or you may “rent” them for the duration of your move. Our boxes are made from 100% recycled material and even when the boxes cannot be reused, the material will be recycled again!

Do I need to pay a deposit when I book my moving date?

You are advised to pay a deposit before the move though it is not mandatory. We always show up for the move on time and as per the booking, but the deposit provides you with an extra layer of peace of mind that your moving time is secure and there hasn’t been any miscommunication of when and where we would meet you. Please consult with our moving coordinator for more information.

Should I purchase special insurance coverage for moving my high value items such as fine art, flat screen TV or music instrument?

Insurance policies for moving cover the total shipment and thus stand alone items cannot be insured independent of the rest of the shipment. Before moving, we advise our customers to check their home insurance policy to see if it provides appropriate coverage for the move. We also advise double checking that the insurance policy includes high value items and the correct value is entered into the High Value Inventory Form. Our moving consultant will advise which insurance coverage is best should you not have appropriate coverage for the move.

What liability coverage do you offer?

By law, our moving fee includes the so called Standard Transit Protection. According to the Standard Transit Protection policy we are liable for $.60 per each lb. of the total weight of your moving load should there be a loss of the total shipment. Beyond the Standard Transit Protection, we offer a variety of insurance policies. Please consult with our moving coordinator to discuss the details of our moving policies.

Do I need to buy insurance to protect my belongings while on transit?

Most of the home insurance policies provide some coverage for moving your belongings. The extent of the coverage and the geographical coverage area vary. In terms of the geographic coverage, local moves are commonly covered. Some insurance policies only cover the home province and others may not cover a long distance move even if it doesn’t cross provincial border. Should your insurance policy not provide coverage for your move, we can provide you insurance coverage that is offered on top of our mandatory liability coverage. Please consult with our moving coordinator to discuss the right insurance policy for your move.

If you do full service moving, including packing, do I need to pack anything?

As part of our full service moving, we pack everything for you. However we prefer that you pack your personal items such as personal documents and jewellery. In addition, there are certain items we encourage that you carry with you for long distance and international moving (e.g. passports, other personal identification). Please consult with our moving advisor for more details.

How to prepare my drawers and wardrobe for moving?

The most important preparation step is to empty your drawers and wardrobes before the move. You may decide to leave some of the light weight soft items in your drawer and wardrobe. We advise this only if the drawers and wardrobe can be firmly locked. Please consult with our moving advisor for further instructions.

Do I need to prepare anything before you move my piano?

In general, we will ensure that your instrument is perfectly protected and safe for the entire piano moving process. We will pad your piano and make sure that detachable parts such as pedals and sheet music holder are safe and secure. Please be aware, that retuning may be required once the move is completed.

How should I prepare my lawn mower and gas powered equipment for the move?

For the move, we will provide the necessary protective padding for your lawn mower and any gas powered equipment. Please ensure that the tank is one quarter full for the move. Details can be discussed with our moving coordinator.

How should I prepare my bicycles and motorbike for the move?

We will use protective padding to protect your bicycle or motorbike while on transit. Depending on the circumstances, some preparation may be required for the move, such as turning your steering bar and pedals and draining your tank to one quarter level. (Please note, you are advised to leave fuel of about one quarter of the tank for the move.) Please consult with our moving consultant for more details.

My deep freezer and pantry is full. Can you move my food?

Yes. We may be able to move your food and perishable items if you are moving locally (moving less than 150 miles away). Please discuss the issue with our moving consultant. If we move a freezer with food in it, we make sure that the freezer is removed last, so you will be able to keep your freezer powered up as long as possible. If we load the trucks in the evening before your moving day, we would plug in your freezer in our warehouse for the night.

I have some paints and chemicals I need to move with my household. Is there anything you cannot move for me?

In general, we cannot move chemicals. Exceptions are personal items such as soaps. For small shipments, please consult with our moving consultant, or the members of the moving crew.

I have a very heavy vault and a filing cabinet. Can you move it? Is there a weight limit of the items you can move?

Yes. We move vaults, safes and filing cabinets. There is no weight limit and we have successfully transported several vaults. Please note our one condition: the vault, if it is a built-in type, must be detached and ready to transport. We cannot extricate built-in vaults. Total cost of the move will depend on weight, size and circumstances. Please contact our moving coordinator for further details.

Can you transport my boat and boat trailer as part of moving my home?

Yes. We can move your boat and boat trailer. We have moved all types and sizes of boats and their accessories. Cost of moving depends on the type of boat (size, weight, trailer). Please contact our moving coordinator for further details.

Can you transport my car if I don’t want to drive?

Yes, we can transport your car as part of the moving service. We haul cars if you are moving long distance (including cross-border moves). We transport vehicles for overseas/ international moves as well.

How do I pay the moving service fee? Can I pay by credit card?

For paying the moving fee, we accept credit cards, cheques, wire-transfer or cash.

Do you survey my property before giving a moving estimate?

Yes, we survey larger homes, however if we’re moving a one or two bedroom condo with no special item on the moving inventory, it may not be necessary. We ensure that your moving estimate is based on comprehensive information. This enables us to produce an estimate with the highest level of possible accuracy.

When is the best time to contact Ellis to arrange our move?

We recommend that you contact us when you first begin planning your move in order to book a tentative moving day. We have a level of flexibility to accommodate rush orders, but when it comes to month-end, our ability to schedule your move may be limited.