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How to Move a Pool Table

Moving a pool table, whether it’s across the country or just 2 blocks, can be tricky. Keeping in mind a few ground rules will help to ensure that your pool table arrives safely at its destination.

Here are the steps to take when moving your pool table.

  • Carefully disassemble the pool table prior to moving. Remove the pockets and rails first. Pack small parts, pockets, the ball rack, the chalk and balls in a smaller box. Wrap and pad the rails individually. Pool cue sticks are best secured together so they don’t break. The top of the pool table also comes off. Remove the cloth covering and the felt from the tabletop. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid tearing the felt, especially if it’s a seasoned pool table.
  • The slate is the most vulnerable part of the table. It can be easily broken or chipped if not handled carefully. Old tables tend to have a heavy one-piece slate while newer ones have three-piece slates. Either way, the slates need to be carefully padded and prepared for transportation.
  • Pool table manufacturers usually provide instructions for disassembly, moving and assembly. Check the instructions before taking apart the pool table. Keep in mind that the assembly in particular requires some level of expertise and it is strongly recommended that you read the manual before assembling the table.

Please contact us if you have further questions about moving your pool table.

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