Ellis Moving & Storage

Moving Checklist – Last Week before the Move

  • Decide which essentials you’re taking whether by car or on the plane.
  • Re-confirm travel reservations.
  • Pack a suitcase with the clothes and toiletries you’ll need the first day in your new home.
  • Place cleaning supplies, toiletries and a coffee pot in a special box marked to be loaded last and unloaded first.
  • Set aside maps, games, snacks, a flashlight, and other items you plan to take in your car.
  • Gather up any medicines and important papers for the drive.
  • Arrange for the removal of “installed items” that you’re taking with you, such as shelves. Return any cable equipment.
  • Take down curtains and curtain rods.
  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator. Make sure it has at least 24 hours to air dry if you plan to move it.
  • Try to use up most food items before the move.
  • Clean your oven.
  • Clean garden tools, other gardening equipment and bicycles.
  • Drain water from all garden hoses.
  • Transfer bank accounts, and ask your local credit bureau to transfer records to your new city.
  • Arrange for a friend or babysitter to look after the children on moving day if necessary.
  • Plan simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances.
  • Arrange to have cash, a certified check or money order ready to pay driver before goods are unloaded (unless your employer is paying the charges or you’ve arranged to pay by credit card).
  • Take the time to fill out the “Welcome to Your New Home” data sheet for new owners.

Moving Day

  • Collect keys for all locks. Put them in a safe place.
  • Accompany the moving coordinator as he is taking inventory.
  • Sign the inventory sheet.
  • Keep your signed bill of lading and inventory in an easily accessible place.
  • Obtain name, address and phone number of your destination agent.
  • Ensure driver has the correct delivery address and phone number to reach you.
  • Confirm expected delivery time with the driver.
  • Make final check of every room and storage area. Ensure windows and doors are locked, keys are transferred and lights are out.
  • Breathe and relax.