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Moving From Canada to the U.S.

No matter your reason for going, moving from Canada to the U.S.A. is an exciting prospect. Whether you are relocating to accommodate a new career or are looking for a new adventure, it is easy to become caught up in a new opportunity, while forgetting to properly prepare for it. Unlike moving across town – or even across the country! – cross-border moving is a complicated process. With so many moving parts. keeping a clear head is key, and a moving coordinator can help!

More than just showing up with moving trucks, a professional moving company, like Ellis Moving can help to organize and execute a stress-free relocation project. From start to finish, experienced movers can help to navigate packing supplies and services, transportation and documentation, designed to keep the customs process simple.

Packing up a home is time consuming and difficult. Finding the time to prep and pack a small home can feel impossible, so it is no wonder that more and more Canadians are choosing professional crews. When managing a long distance move, it is important to understand the “do’s and don’ts” of your new home. Experienced cross border moving companies can help to inform clients about what is and is not allowed to be transported through Border Security, helping to create a safe and easy to navigate atmosphere.

What to Know About International Moving & Storage

Renting a moving vehicle is a simple enough process, but getting through the Border Services is less so. Before packing a van, it is important to understand exactly what your move entails. From illegal items, to taxes and duties and customs forms, there is nothing that the experienced cross border movers at Ellis Moving, can’t handle.

Documentation: Nothing passes through an international border without proper documentation. Failing to fill out forms properly, or neglecting them entirely can lead to personal property and items to be placed into holding for days, weeks or even months before claims can be processed. Arriving at the border with a moving vehicle and no documentation can result in prolonged wait times. Submitting paperwork before arrival at the Border means a quick inspection and reduced wait times.

Duties: When moving, it is easy to forget that there may be fees and duties on the items you are bringing across the border. Large appliances and household goods that were purchased in Canada and brought to the U.S., may be subject to fees. Those items that have been in possession for a year or more are often exempt, but proof of purchase may be required. This makes preparing proper documentation ahead of time, that much more important. For those households that contain antiques, it may be necessary to have an appraisal done ahead of time to verify values.

Creating the Ideal Moving Experience

The keys to a successful cross-border move are commitment and experience. From start to finish, Ellis Moving and Storage is capable of not only transporting items, but creating plans and schedules that make for the ideal moving experience. When you are ready for a quality move, look no further than Ellis Moving and Storage.