Ellis Moving is Taking Action Against COVID-19
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Non-allowables (prohibited items) – Non-Admissible Items

Ellis Moving will not accept moving items that contaminate or damage (e.g. bug infestations, chemicals, propane tanks, etc.) our property or the property of other customers, nor will it remove items that would damage the item or the premises (e.g.. furniture that will not fit through doorways). Further, the carrier will not accept liability for goods of a perishable nature (food, plants, etc.).

Movers, as household goods carriers, are prohibited by law from transporting the following goods:

  • Explosives: fireworks; ammunition including, bullets, shotgun shells, etc.; railroad or road flares; blasting caps; detonators, etc.
  • Gases: any gases under pressure or liquefied; propane; quick start; oxygen; acetylene; helium; household or industrial fuel; aerosol cans; hair spray; antiperspirant; paint cleaner; butane lighters; propane tanks, etc.
  • Oxidizers: bleach; pool chemicals; hair bleach; disinfectants; organic peroxides; fertilizers; chlorine in any form, etc.
  • Flammable Solids: fuel tablets; barbecue starter pellets; hay or; matches; wood chips, etc.
  • Flammable liquids: gas; alcohol; cleaning fluid; lamp oil; lighter fluids; paint; paint thinners; barbecue starter; acetone; glues; naphtha; resins; kerosene, etc.
  • Corrosives: oven cleaner; toilet cleaners; liquid plumber; drain cleaner; household cleaners; lye; acids (sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric muriatic); car, boat motorcycle batteries, etc.
  • Poisons: pesticides; herbicides; fumigants; wood preservatives; photographic chemicals, etc.
  • Items subject to spontaneous combustion: oily rags; charcoal, etc.

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