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Ellis Moving is an authorized Agent of Atlas VanLines. As a Vancouver BC mover, we conduct business on behalf of Atlas VanLines for trans-Canada and cross-border moves. We handle all customer-company interactions and may act simultaneously as the origin agent, booking agent, and destination agent.

Origin Agent: As Origin Agent, Ellis Moving works on the originating end of your move. We Provide information concerning individual moves and prepare the shipment prior to movement.

Booking Agent (also known as the Writing Agent): As a Booking Agent, Ellis takes the details of your move, creates the moving contract and registers the order with Atlas Van Lines. We may also act as origin or destination agent.

Destination Agent: Ellis works on the receiving end of the move, when your destination is in Vancouver or in South West British Columbia. We assist or provide information to you after the arrival of your shipment. We coordinate between you and Atlas VanLines and we provide unpacking and shuttle service if needed.

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