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Transit Protection

Liability coverage provided by the mover that protects the shipment during the transportation between the origin and the destination. There are different levels of Transit Protection available by Ellis Moving. For your convenience, consult with our account manager to identify which is the most appropriate option for you. Below, please read the main Transit Protection options we offer.

All moving companies, (including Ellis Moving), is obligated to provide a standard coverage, sometimes called “valuation” or “Standard Transit Protection”. It is provided by the moving company at no cost to the client, but it only provides limited protection to the home owner. In most cases, further coverage is advised.

Such coverage is available by Ellis Moving in three forms: “full replacement value coverage”, “assessed value coverage”, and “declared value coverage”.

For those looking for comprehensive protection, full replacement value coverage is the way to go. This can be more costly but it provides full financial compensation for damages or loss of any of the goods in transit, and provides the sum for replacing the damaged property. In other words, the valuation program of full replacement value coverage does not factor depreciation into claim settlement caused by loss or damage. Amount reflects money required to purchase a replacement product, regardless of the item’s age. Generally applies to entire shipment. Deduction values are declared next to the cost-per-$1000 figure on the Transit Protection documentation.

Assessed value coverage provides a fixed sum for the value of the entire shipment and is usually purchased per one thousand dollars in value.

Declared value coverage is based on the weight of the household goods and requires a per pound payment. For example, a ten thousand pound cargo is insured for three dollars a pound, meaning that the moving company is liable for thirty thousand dollars in coverage against any damages or loss.

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