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Moving Checklist – Last Month Before the Move

  • Chose a reputable mover that has provided you with an estimate that includes all the details of the move costs, including price, delivery date, needed supplies and a complete list of your possessions.
  • Check homeowner's insurance policy to determine if moving is covered or not.
  • Determine insurance valuation.
  • Begin packing: Are you hiring help or doing it yourself?
  • Keep all supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. in ready supply. Pack items in order of least use.
  • Pack all items for immediate use in your new home separately.  Take them along with you or mark them to be loaded LAST in the moving truck.
  • If you have children, separate out cherished toys to travel with you.
  • Sort through basement, loft and garage.
  • Movers are prohibited from transporting aerosols, flammables, corrosives or ammunition.
  • It's best to have toxic wastes or other harmful products returned to a depot for proper disposal. Propane tanks must be emptied as well as lawnmower fuel tanks.
  • Dismantle garden utilities and garden furniture.
  • Find new home for plants you cannot take with you.
  • Return library books or any other borrowed items.
  • Collect items you have loaned and return those you have borrowed.
  • Transfer fire, theft and other personal-property insurance to ensure your new home is protected during your move.
  • Transfer personal insurance records.
  • Call physicians and dentists. They may be able to recommend a colleague close to  your
  • new residence.
  • Obtain copies of renewable prescriptions.
  • Notify friends, family, authorities and others of your new address.

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