Ellis Moving & Storage

Planning for Your Move

There are several aspects of a household move that require a certain level of planning. Whether you need to draw up a detailed plan in writing or just make mental notes depends on your individual situation. The most important factors that determine the level of planning however are: the size of your household and the distance being moved (whether you plan a local or long distance move). Regardless of these factors though, experience shows that the more effort put into the planning of a move, the more effortless the process will be.

It is a good idea to plan a move while keeping in mind the four vital points below:

  • Budget: Appropriate financing should be set aside for the move including provisions for unforeseen events.
  • Task list and project plan: List all the necessary steps putting them in a sequential order to assure a smooth move.
  • Moving inventory: An inventory will help to define in very clear terms, what needs to be moved. It will also help identify any special considerations such as the packing and moving fine art and pianos.
  • Resource planning: There are different levels of service that professional moving companies offer. Ellis Moving & Storage provides a comprehensive service from packing and pre-move consulting through shipping, customs clearance, temporary storage and insurance.

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*A good rule of thumb is to start working on a moving game plan at least 3 months before your planned moving date. The four important points above are crucial and need to be considered together. Throughout the preparation for your move you will need to revisit and review your plan several times.