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How to Prepare Your Car For Long Distance Moving

Take the time to properly prepare your car for a long distance move. Failing to take the necessary precautions could leave you with costly body repairs at the end of the move.

Following are some basic steps to help you to prepare and transport your vehicle hassle free.

  • Thoroughly clean your vehicle close to the day it’s supposed to be picked up for the move. By doing this you’ll be able to note any damage to the body. This will make it easier to identify any additional damage that occur during transport.
  • Remove all loose items that might shift around and damage the interior during shipping.
  • Disable the car alarm, if you vehicle is equipped with one. Otherwise, if it’s triggered en route, the movers will not be able to deactivate it and your battery would be drained by the time the car is delivered.
  • Leave a quarter tank of gas in your car to reduce the weight and to meet fire safety best practices. A completely dry tank increases the risk of fuel vapour combustion in the tank.
  • Make sure that your vehicle has plenty of antifreeze which will protect it during severe cold weather conditions.
  • Secure or remove vehicle accessories such as fog lights and spoilers before shipping to avoid dings or breakage.
  • If applicable, fold in the mirrors of the vehicle and retract the antennae to protect them from damage.
  • When transporting a convertible, make sure that the top is up and secured. Seal holes and tears to stop moisture from seeping into the interior.
  • Check all the fluids, battery charge and tyre pressure. Although you won’t be driving the vehicle, you never know if it might be necessary to move it while en route.
  • Let your movers know if your vehicle has any fluid leaks so they can take precautions to keep it from leaking onto other cars.
  • Report oddities or quirks that could affect starting your car, turning it off, loading it on and off the moving truck.