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Cost Vs. Comfort: Is the Cheapest Way to Move Stuff Across Canada, Also the Best?

No matter where you live, moving is a stressful business. From packing small items to sentimental keepsakes, any change of scenery is a big undertaking, and moving across Canada only amplifies the stress involved. In addition to the physical aspects and effort of a move, costs can quickly skyrocket high and above your intended budget. When assessing the cost of your move, there is more to consider than just the baseline price. When seeking out the cheapest ways to move stuff across Canada, it is important to have a greater picture of what is involved, and Ellis Moving is here to help!

Calculating Your Costs When Moving Across Canada

Making the decision to move across the country, is huge. It means changing your lifestyle, as well as your surroundings and having to organize the transportation of your property only adds another layer of stress. There are certain situations where moving costs can be covered by an employer but more often than not, property owners are responsible for their own relocation costs – and these can add up quickly.

The name of the game for many property owners, is to save money. Moving from one area of the city to another might make free moves possible, by calling on family and friends, but the further you go, the more difficult it becomes to find help. Hiring movers might feel like a luxury, but in some cases, it is more cost effective and provides peace of mind.

It is possible to shop around for the price of van or truck rentals but basic gas, mileage and rental fees are not the only considerations that should be made. Packing and hauling fragile items can result in unexpected breakage, which is often more costly than the added expense of a long distance moving company. Self packing also involves investing in packing materials, and putting a ton of time and energy into the process itself. When considering the cost of a move, it is important to take all aspects into account, from start to finish. From labour, to time, to additional stress, having these handled by a professional is worth its weight in gold.

The Perks of Professional Cross-Country Movers

Depending on the size of your current property and the distance that you are travelling, hiring a full service moving company can actually work to save money on your move. Cross-country movers are well-versed in routes to every corner of Canada, so clients can expect efficiency and a more timely and smooth running process.

Whenever you are looking to relocate, it is important to consider just how long you will be gone. In the case of a temporary relocation, cross-country moving companies can not only transport your items, but can often supply storage services as well. Ellis Moving is happy to offer a storage facility that is both humidity controlled and secure.

From a standard, local move, to coast to coast transportation, it is important to hire a company known for great results and customer service – and that is Ellis Moving! Fully insured moving services offer peace of mind to our clients, ensuring safe travels and full coverage in the case of unforeseen issues.