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For Vancouver residents, times are always changing, and so are their needs. Professional storage facilities in Vancouver help to accommodate both short term and long term lifestyle changes. This can mean temporary care for your belongings during a move, long-term storage following a major life change or as a way to get yourself organized.

Our 20,000 Square foot containerized warehouse in Vancouver is designed to provide secure storage for your furniture.

The Advantages of Vancouver Storage Services

After years of building up a home or business, it can be difficult to let go of your belongings. Residents in the Vancouver area are always in transit, moving from one opportunity to another but that doesn’t mean that you have to cart your stuff along with you. No matter what life brings your way, there are storage options to suit your needs.

Save On Space

In a densely populated city like Vancouver, there is not much space to spare! Instead of cluttering closets or devoting whole spare rooms to stuff, use thoughtful storage solutions to maximize your space and de-clutter your life. Whether you are looking to earn a bit of extra revenue, or are just wanting to stretch your legs – Ellis Moving has all of the additional storage space that you could ever need.


It is difficult to imagine trusting a stranger with your possessions or sensitive information but there is nowhere that is more clean and secure than Ellis’ state of the art storage units. Storage services utilize state of the art computerized alarm and surveillance systems, to keep your items safe. Units may be easy access for clients but no one else can even come close! Walk-in traffic is prohibited without a member of warehouse staff and no one can access rented units without explicit permission from the client. As an added security measure, every item moved in or out of your storage locker is inventoried.


At Ellis’ Vancouver storage facility, your furniture and belongings are stored in containers with built in pallets that keep stored items at least five inches off the ground. In addition,we inspect all items before they are placed into our warehouse and refuse those that are hazardous or appear to be contaminated. As part of our environmental management, Ellis follows a set of comprehensive pest control procedures to ensure your furniture and household items stay safe.

Choosing Ellis Moving & Storage Vancouver

Customized Vancouver storage services are a key part of our commitment to our communities. Whether you are in the market for furniture storage during a move or just need somewhere to store it for safe keeping, you can count on us. Our friendly staff are sure to keep your items stored safely and securely with excellent customer service and a little bit of climate control.

Finding a place to store your items is only half the battle. Whether you are wanting to store individual items or an entire household, you can rest easy. Our team of experienced movers will come to you! By helping to organize and pack away items, experts provide peace of mind that each and every item is safe on the journey from your door, all the way to its new home. All your furniture is carefully wrapped to protect it during the move and left wrapped until it is dropped off on the return move. All items and cartons are inventoried before they are loaded onto the truck, and you receive a copy of the listings for your own reference. Your items are taken from the trucks upon reaching our warehouse and immediately placed into secure containers until you are ready to move- whether it’s a few days or several years down the road! Our experienced cargo warehousing staff will gladly assist with all your moving needs.

Moving is not always a great experience, but it is our goal to make sure that it is. When choosing a local company, you are choosing years of experience, expert care, competitive pricing and top-notch results.

Questions about our storage services?

Check out the FAQ section where you can learn what can be stored in our Vancouver storage facility and any restrictions.
Tips by Ellis Moving and Storage Vancouver provides useful information on preparing for your move.

Note: Our storage service is normally only available for our moving clients as we do not operate as a public storage service.

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The guys were very professional, great people, listens and responded to our needs. Very friendly and considerate and worked really hard. We gave them a good tip and sandwiches which really made their day. There good people and would use them again in an instant!
Graeme B June 4, 2020
Amazing team. Great service! They wrapped everything so well and so quick. They had to move two houses into one (apartment and a home ) into a larger home with a steep drive way and lots of stairs. They did it so careful but so speedy! I would use them again!
Kathryn H. June 5, 2020
This is the 4th time I have used Ellis and will continue to do so. I had 3 men and everything went well and fast. I am sure it is a challenge in these times but they got it done quickly and professionally.
Mary Ann K May 29, 2020
We received our possessions yesterday. Bernard (Chubby), Hammis, and Junior were very efficient and courteous, really great guys. A big thank you to the Ellis team. A great company. We highly recommend them.
Stephen B January 28, 2020