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When to Hire Moving and Storage Services

A new job can mean exciting opportunities and heading off to college can help to broaden your horizons – but what about your stuff? Whether you are looking for a short term solution to a full living space or long-term storage for your sentimental items, Ellis Moving can handle it all.

No matter the length of time that it is needed, secure storage services are a must for protecting your possessions. Whether you are looking for residential moving services or a commercial relocation, there is always a time to take advantage of local and affordable storage solutions.

The Right Solution, For Any Occasion

Throughout Greater Vancouver, moving and storage options are limited. Improper storage over long periods can mean warping to certain items, water damage or other unexpected damage. This makes basic basement or attic storage problematic, not to mention the space involved! Instead of burdening your parents with boxes or having to part with your much loved items, let’s take a look at some of the occasions where you might rely on professional storage facilities:

Short Term Storage Needs:

  • When Trying to Sell Your House: Proper staging can help to secure an offer on a home, but that can mean clearing out a ton of your belongings. An open and uncluttered floorpan can help to make spaces look more attractive and allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space. In this case, items can be picked up from storage or sit until you are ready to move them into a new living space.
  • Gifts or Inheritance: That piano that you loved as a child in your grandmothers house might be an amazing piece to inherit but it may not fit into your current living space. Just because you are in a smaller apartment now does not mean that you will not be in a larger space soon. Store sentimental items so that you can enjoy them later on.
  • Long Distance Moving Needs: When moving to another city, province or even country, it is not uncommon to travel ahead of your belongings. Short term storage solutions can keep your items safe while you organize your own living space in preparation.
  • Renovation: When renovating your home or workspace, it is much easier to get things done without having to tip-toe around items. Keep your property safe and your project on schedule by storing your items in the meantime.

Long-Term Storage Needs:

  • Downsizing: Moving into a smaller home can mean losing valuable space for larger items. Antiques and furniture pieces do not need to be thrown away or donated, but can be left in a secure environment with climate control for safe keeping.
  • College or University Moves: Going off to College should be a fun and exciting time and a stress free move can help! Professional movers and packing services can help to ensure that your moving experience is easy and efficient.
  • Overseas Deployment or Job Transfer: Temporary job transfers are common with many international companies. Transferring locations for a year or two can mean giving up your current living space, but it does not mean that you have to start from scratch when you get home.

Ellis Moving: Your Professional Moving and Storage Company

Ellis Moving does not just cart your items from one place to another. Our full service moving experts can help to pack, transport and even store your precious items. Whether you are moving locally, nationally or internationally, our team of experts can help to get you there.