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When to Use Professional Storage in Vancouver

The Metro-Vancouver area is a fast-paced environment. In all of that hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to carry your things around with you. It can be difficult to manage growing collections or navigate new spaces but professional storage services might just be the answer!

A storage unit can not only afford a bit of additional space but peace of mind as well. These rental units are investments in both your property and your sanity. If you are struggling to manage your space during a project, a season or for an extended period, there are storage options for you. Even a bit of space can make a major impact in both the short and long term.

When to Use a Storage Unit

There are plenty of circumstances where a storage unit might be just what the doctor ordered for your home or business needs:

Moving: A home holds a lifetime of memories – and a ton of belongings. From knick-knacks to furniture, it can be difficult to part with sentimental items. When changing homes, it can be daunting to find placements for all of your old items. Instead of being overwhelmed with “stuff” while getting comfortable, personal storage facilities can give you room to breathe.

Renovations or Staging: When it comes time to update your living space, it can be difficult to shuffle your items from one area to another. Replacing flooring, for instance often means emptying out a room for a period of days. This can mean shuffling items into an adjacent room and creating a claustrophobic space. Having items taken to a storage locker is a great way to create space.

Inheritance: Taking over an estate means having to manage an onslaught of items. This might mean a few boxes or it might mean dealing with a lifetime’s worth of collections. In either case, these items need to be surveyed, organized and dealt with – which can take weeks or even months. With plenty of options of storage unit sizes, there is an option for everyone, no matter the volume.

Seasonal Storage: On the west coast, hobbies change with the seasons. From snowboarding in Winter to paddle boarding in Summer, there is always something to do and that means having equipment to match. One very common use of storage spaces is for seasonal gear, both for sports and for household needs. Christmas decorations, lawn equipment or even vehicles can all be stored, giving you peace of mind and additional space.

Ellis Moving & Storage: Public Storage and Peace of Mind

When searching out a reliable storage solution, no one does it better than a local expert. State of the art public storage facilities should be easily accessed, and come with proper security features. In addition to a safe space to store your belongings, our facilities offer moving supplies and even services to transport your items. Ellis Moving and Storage is your one-stop shop for taking back your space and organizing your living space.

Don’t worry about the physical stress of loading, unloading or transporting your items when you can call an expert for help. Conveniently located in the lower mainland, our experts are able to provide moving and storage services all over the map. With sizing options from extra small to extra large and climate control options, there has never been a better time to enlist a storage facility.