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Why it is Important to Choose an Insured Mover

When it comes to hiring a moving company, naturally price and managing your budget are important concerns. We understand wanting to save money. Moving usually means that you’ve just invested in a new home, which is already a significant financial commitment. Plus there are other costs associated with moving that further increase the burden on your finances.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to put your precious memories, belongings, and valuables in the hands of amateurs. Most individuals use the Internet or community newspapers to find their movers and can easily fall prey to unethical moving companies. You can avoid this by doing your homework. Most importantly, make sure you choose a mover that is fully insured.

Here are some of the top reasons to hire a mover who is insured:

  • If you don’t work with an insured moving company and your precious cargo gets damaged, you are out of luck. How much are your belongings worth to you?
  • Accidents happen, but most people don’t realize that if one of the mover’s employees gets hurt on your property, you can be liable if the company hasn’t insured him.

Before you sign anything, ask about the mover’s insurance and insist on seeing a copy of the Certificate of Insurance. You also need to check that the policy has not expired and is active for the duration of your move. If the mover cannot produce an updated copy of the policy, find another company.

You’ll also want to take a look at the Cargo section of the policy which needs to declare a minimum of $250,000 of insurance coverage. This is the minimum requirement of the Canadian Association of Movers.